Our services

Black Swan Consult concentrates its business on Sub Saharan Africa with focus on and network in Ghana and Nigeria. The following services are our areas of expertise:

I: Setting up and/or establishing your business in Sub Saharan Africa –
from A to Z

● Registering your company
● Assistance in obtaining (local) government licenses
● Import and export assistance
● Financial Matters
● Local personnel / staff recruitment
● Offices for your company – housing for your expat staff

II: Intercultural Training and Services

● Doing Business in Africa
● Multi Cultural Team Briefings
● Cross Cultural Training
● Relocation Briefings
● Ongoing Transition Support

Components of our Intercultural Training and Services are:

● Latest facts, background and history of country
● Safety Issues
● Building relations
● Social Factors
● Hierarchy
● Communication Style
● Time and punctuality
● Business culture and etiquette
● Negotiation
● Management Style
● Social etiquettes
● Do’s and don’ts

III: Consultancy and support for NGO’s / Non profit / Development Organizations in Sub Saharan Africa

Black Swan Consult understands the specific needs of this sector where sustainability is crucial and projects need to be demand driven and owned by the indigenous partners.

IV: Services and support for African companies in Europe

With its specialized expertise in the Netherlands and Belgium (Flanders), Black Swan Consult offers representation, consultancy, assistance and help for African companies who want to do business in Europe.